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Charlotte home remodeling beyond the numbers

Charlotte home remodeling is about much more than the bottom line to truly qualified professional remodelers – it’s about art and craft.

At its heart – remodeling is a game of numbers. There are the measurements that must be precise. The timetables and deadlines that must be juggled. And, of course, the budgetary figures that must be minded and managed. But Charlotte home remodeling is about much more than the bottom line to truly qualified professional remodelers – it’s about art and craft.

You see, the true professional that Charlotte homeowners really want working on their most important project – which is their home – must balance a love for the craft of remodeling with an understanding of the business behind it. Just think about all the details that are involved in a remodeling project. The professional you hire must be able to examine your home’s structure and condition and then use that knowledge to accurately gauge what is going on behind the walls to determine a realistic budget, schedule and framework for your project – all before the first piece of drywall is removed. He or she must help you determine whether your budget is or isn’t realistic based on the scope of the project you want or need. In fact, they may advise you to save and wait to do the project right at a later date, which ultimately will make you much happier with the results.

Bathroom renovation pre-remodel
Before Bathroom Renovation

If after that initial assessment, you both decide to proceed with the project, they then have to put on their artistic hat. They’ll do so as they meet with homeowners and work with designers to create project plans that are beautiful, functional and capture the aesthetic homeowners want to create.

Once plans are roughed out, they transition back into business mode as they set about following the pre-construction process guidelines – which includes everything from getting surveys and permits to scheduling material deliveries and subcontractors. At many points throughout that process, they’ll fall back into the role of artistic director as they work with homeowners to make the right stylistic decisions and coach subs to execute their vision flawlessly with skill and professionalism.

Balancing the two roles is a lot like directing a symphony – once the fundamental pieces are safely in place and running in tune, the maestro can conduct his musicians to create some astonishingly beautiful music. The same holds true for your project – your remodeler will ensure that the basic pieces are handled – from the ground up – and a construction framework is established, and he or she will simultaneously ensure that the artistic vision behind the home of your family’s dreams is brought to life – beautifully.

By Pam Palmer
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