a well-organized roomFor a few years, our homes and subsequently, our lives, were just like yours might be right now. Dare we say, a bit cluttered? As small business owners, we are always completely focused on managing our company. We are always busy with appointments, meetings, and planning and constructing clients’ projects. There aren’t nearly enough hours in our days. So we have to focus our time on our top priorities, which are taking care of our customers’ homes and projects. Perhaps your priorities are building your career, completing your education, raising a family, caring for aging parents, or all of the above! Like us, you simply don’t have time to devote to seemingly decadent activities like cleaning out closets or organizing your garage.

Until you have a few days off. That’s when our guilt would set in. We’d compile a long list of projects and work tirelessly to complete them, often feeling like we had accomplished something, but we were also exhausted after our time “off.” Unfortunately, we were going about our tasks in completely the wrong way. We would straighten things up. We would clean, but we never really had the time to sort through things and organize, because our focus was always on more pressing matters. The result was that we had a very neat collection of clutter.

True organization extends far beyond simply tidying up. We realized the difference after we applied what we naturally do for our clients in our own home. Just as we do when we are using our renovation expertise to re-envision a client’s space, we focused on one room at a time, de-cluttered it, and then organized everything.  In the process, we decided that we were holding on to a plethora of things we no longer needed. They ranged from furniture we inherited to decorative pieces that no longer worked with our updated décor. Some of these things were easy to part with; last week’s newspapers were guiltlessly tossed in the recycling bin. Other pieces that brought to mind priceless childhood memories were more difficult to part with. That’s when we realized that, just as we advise our clients, you can part with the things while holding onto the memories.

As we got to work and applied these professional organizing principles, we realized amazing changes almost instantly. Junk drawers were miraculously organized, with related tools neatly placed at the locations where we needed them. Storage areas made sense, with things that we actually would use clearly visible. Suddenly, it was easy to find things; it was more efficient and far less frustrating. We weren’t running to the store to purchase yet another pack of AAA batteries because we could clearly see that we already had them.

Perhaps the most important thing we gained was ironically the one we initially were so hesitant to dedicate to this effort – time. When you know exactly what you have and where it is, you no longer waste time searching for the things you need, and you no longer waste resources by buying something multiple times.

Since we know what a monumental difference organization has made in our own lives, we at Palmer Custom Builders are thrilled to be able to offer Professional Organizing to our past, current and future clients as well as others who have a need for this service. Click here to learn more about how working with a trusted professional contractor can take decluttering and organizing to the next level. Whether you need to re-envision the space you have, find more, or create a completely new area to meet your needs, we can help bring order and efficiency back into your home – and your life!