Built in stainless steel shower grab bar for family friendly bathroomsHow often have you found yourself entranced by the elegance of those sophisticated spa-like bathrooms you see in magazines? You know, the ones with dark cabinets, white marble counters, high-gloss floors and shiny, sophisticated (and expensive!) accessories. Only to have your dreams come crashing back to reality as your children make waves the size of small tsunamis in your bathtub and leave dirty fingerprints on the walls.

There are ways to have the best of both worlds – the clean and sophisticated look you crave with the practical functionality that children demand. One of our new favorite methods is utilizing the Choreograph® Collection from Kohler. This innovative line of shower walls features full wall panels, accent walls and accessories. Wall panels and accent walls can be completely customized with the size, color and texture that you need, with wall options ranging from 32″ to 60″ in width and 72″ to 96″ in height. The walls are crafted from Serica™ – a proprietary composite material designed to be durable and featuring a matte finish that blends with a range of styles. Textured accent panels further elevate the style.

The accessories include innovative “Shower Lockers” and floating shelves that can be adjusted as needed and placed wherever your design dictates. These towers eliminate the need for traditional shower caddies, which kids (and even we adults) often bump into and knock over. Just imagine, you can place children’s products where they can easily access them and keep your more indulgent items out of reach (so your favorite splurge shampoo doesn’t end doubling as your child’s go-to bubble bath).

Built in shower organizer for family friendly bathroomsChoreograph also offers Shower Barres in a range of sizes. Like traditional grab bars, they provide a stable point of support in the shower and can easily bear the weight of a person. Unlike traditional grab bars, their slim, flat profile was designed to double as shelf space. Accessories like a Teak Tray easily attach for additional staging space. The barres are practical solutions that provide an extra measure of safety for the kids, but they also offer a clean, sophisticated and anything but industrial look in a bathroom that serves older family members or folks who need some additional help getting around safely.

Pair the shower system with other practical accessories, such as a programmable shower head that monitors water temperature for comfort and safety. Add fixture finishes designed to hide fingerprints and surfaces designed to prevent slips, and you have the makings of a beautiful bathroom that works for every member of your family.