Project Description

Who says bachelors don’t cook? We know they can – if they are equipped with the right space. That’s why Palmer Custom Builder’s helped this bachelor remodel his kitchen.

Palmer’s Project Goals and Challenges

  • When we first met with this single man, he rarely cooked because he had a very small, cramped and dark kitchen dominated by a central hanging pot and pan rack – in a room with 8’ ceilings. Outdated appliances and lighting further contributed to the room’s issues.


  • We replaced dated appliances with an efficient and modern stove-top and dishwasher.
  • Old cabinets were replaced with beautiful and functional cabinetry designed to take full advantage of every inch of the limited space.
  • An older fluorescent light was replaced with functional can lights that provide much-needed task lighting in the proper areas.
  • The existing textured ceiling had been poorly patched at some point in the past. In the process of repairing that, we discovered why. The shower pan in the upstairs master bath was leaking. We repaired the leak as well as the damage to the ceiling it has caused and redid the texture on the kitchen ceiling for a clean, finished look.
  • We also took care of several electrical problems hidden behind the kitchen walls. Dead circuits and other potential fire hazards were repaired.
  • The updates not only added tremendous value to the home, which was the homeowner’s primary concern, but they also made it more convenient for him to use the space. He’s very happy with it and cooking in the new kitchen more often than he initially thought he would!