Project Description

This kitchen revamp project proves that, just as in cooking, you don’t always have to start from scratch to get amazing results.

Palmer’s Project Goals and Challenges

  • This kitchen renovation project was part of a much larger project that the client wanted to do to update this home.  While the basic design and layout of the kitchen functioned well for the family, they had some aesthetic and access issues with the existing space.
  • Since the homeowners planned to host a company Christmas party at their residence, it was imperative that all work was completed on time.


  • Since the layout of the cabinetry functioned well and it was in solid shape, we opted to revitalize it instead of replacing it. The cabinets were repainted to give them a more updated look and feel. Convenience features such as slide-out shelves were installed so that the homeowners could easily access bulky pots and pans.
  • New granite countertops provided a hygienic and aesthetically pleasing work surface, while a new backsplash completed the kitchen’s updated appearance.
  • A poorly functioning track light was replaced with recessed can lights, which dramatically improved the room’s lighting.
  • Under cabinet task lighting was installed, which greatly improved the lighting the homeowners have while working in this kitchen.
  • About a year before we became involved in the project, a contactor had hooked up a new gas cooktop for the family. Unfortunately, he had crimped the gas line in the process. We discovered the issue just before Thanksgiving and were able to take out the line and re-pipe it in time for the homeowners to use the cooktop for their holiday meal preparations.
  • All work was completed about a week and a half ahead of schedule, which gave the homeowners some time to settle back into the revitalized space before their big event.