Project Description

Before we became involved in this project, this family had hired a handyman who was a friend of a friend who needed a job. Unfortunately, he was an unlicensed contractor who did not pull permits, and that was all too apparent in the renovation work he completed in their kitchen. While we were originally hired primarily to redo an aging ceiling and redesign a non-functional closet, we discovered improper work and hazardous wiring done by the previous contractor as soon as we dug into the project. We needed to correct those deficiencies to ensure that our clients had a safe home.


  • We had our licensed electrician determine the extent of the underlying electrical issues. The stove and garbage disposal were improperly wired, the outlets were not set up on the correct circuits, and there were exposed wires throughout the project. We corrected those electrical deficiencies to address these potential fire and safety hazards.
  • Poor tile work, trim work and sheetrock work were also corrected.
  • Aging textured ceilings were replaced with new, smooth finished sheetrocked ceilings that gave a more polished look and feel to these rooms. More modern lighting fixtures and ceiling fans completed the update.