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Why do we write idea gallery success stories?

Idea Gallery success stories provide a realistic picture of what’s involved, makes homeowners more comfortable with the home remodeling process, and results in a better overall experience and a better finished product.

One of the most popular features about Charlotte remodeling and new home building on our website has consistently been what we call our Success Stories. Simply click on the Idea Gallery tab at the top of our website and you’ll pull up stories and photos from prior customers’ projects that run the full gamut of everything we do – from minor repairs that are part of a major remodeling project up to custom-built homes.

Why do we devote space on our site to these past projects? Of course, we want to showcase what our Charlotte Design-Build firm is capable of creating and give potential clients (and even those in other areas of the country) some ideas of what is possible for their future projects.

But our motivations run far deeper than that.

You see, every project we tackle is truly a custom work. No two homes are exactly alike, and no two family’s dreams are ever completely aligned. Yet all of these projects share similarities. The processes that we go through – particularly the initial identification of goals and challenges – are never the same. While your kitchen remodeling project, home addition or custom home might not entail all of the steps found in another family’s project, reading about their experiences and knowing what they did, how long it took, and the decisions it involved, will help you better prepare for your project.

These projects also paint very realistic pictures of what it takes to build a new custom home or to remodel or renovate an existing Charlotte, Weddington or Waxhaw home. Oftentimes, things that must be done to make a project come together – like adding smoke detectors to meet current building code; upgrading electrical/breaker panels to handle increased electrical demands, building code upgrades and new lighting; or repairing existing wood rot before you install new windows and doors – are not the type of items you want to add to a project. However, they are the pieces that you need to add – whether you need to meet code, to ensure your family’s safety, or to make sure that your project is built on a solid foundation. These also are the aspects of a project that you’ll rarely if ever see mentioned on reality TV shows and websites where so many homeowners may get information that is not accurate and cost estimates that are not comprehensive. As a result, many homeowners are unprepared for these sometimes necessary project pieces. Educating homeowners that these type of project kinks and costs are out there helps them better prepare for any potential intricacies and challenges in their project; and having a project contingency fund is always a wise idea. Ultimately having a realistic picture of what’s involved makes homeowners more comfortable with the process and results in a better overall experience and a better finished product.

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By Pam Palmer
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