Here are just a few of the products that are bringing affordable technology into bathroom remodeling.

It’s no secret that homeowners want high-tech connectivity when they are remodeling older homes. Long gone are the days when the average living room boasted a single electrical outlet hidden somewhere along a hard-to-access baseboard. These days, it seems everything from your doorbell to your refrigerator can be connected to the internet and warn you when you are running low on milk or when someone is running away with your mail.

But what about bathrooms? It was only a matter of time before these bastions of solitary, insulated comfort became one more place where we could connect to the outside world and use technology to make our lives easier – and that’s not a bad thing. Here are just a few of the products that are bringing affordable technology into bathroom remodeling:

1. Self-cleaning toilets.

Sure, those detergent tabs that hang under the rim have been around for years, but they haven’t been able to match the effectiveness of an old-fashioned brush. Now, new models of toilets like the ActiClean from American Standard take self-cleaning to an entirely new level, allowing you to push a button and stand back as the toilet cleans itself. It even has two cycles, a quick clean for regular upkeep and a deep clean that cleans the bowl for 10 minutes – far longer than most folks would scrub.

2. Touchless flush.

If you hate the thought of actually touching the toilet handle, there are ways to get around that without even replacing your existing model. Kohler and others make touchless flush kits that can easily be retrofit for under $100, and of course, there are many truly touchless factory models out there to choose from.

3. Windows on the world.

Want to leave the blinds open to let natural light in, but want to maintain your privacy when you need it? Automated blinds and shades allow you to do that at the touch of a button, which is a convenience whose time has come in bathrooms.

4. Medicine cabinets.

While these receptacles used to contain boring pill bottles, now they are helping to charge some of your most exciting high-tech gadgets. Charging stations and USB ports in medicine cabinets – and many other bathroom cabinets – are the new normal.

5. Singing in the shower.

You no longer need complex, expensive sound systems to bring your tunes into the bathroom. There are now Bluetooth streaming showerheads that can have you jamming to your favorite songs for a small investment of less than it will cost to build your playlist.

6. Water regulation.

While not the least expensive upgrade here, automated shower controls might be one of the most useful on a daily basis. Allowing you to set your ideal water temperate and intensity – and to save it for multiple users – ensures that your shower is perfect every time – without having to waste water as you fidget with the controls.

Technology is at it best when it keeps our loved ones safe. Now, there are more ways than ever to softly illuminate bathrooms to prevent nighttime slips and falls. From LED lights in exhaust fans and medicine cabinets to lighted toilet seats that can be set on battery operated timers (Kohler’s Nightlight lines of toilet seats), there are options to fit every budget and style.

With so much technology at your fingertips – and within your budget – it’s time to get creative with technology in your next bathroom remodel.