Kohler's Cimarron Touchless toilet with Brevia toilet seat

Kohler’s Cimarron Touchless toilet with a Brevia toilet seat is ideal for more traditional decor styles.

It’s time we talked about a dirty little secret– bathroom germs. No matter how clean and neat you keep your home, the bathroom is one place that many of us simply fear to touch. Fortunately, whether you are planning an extensive bathroom remodel, a minor bathroom renovation or building a new custom home, you can build products into your bathroom design that eliminate many of those daily touches.

Most homeowners are thrilled to discover that they can in fact include touchless faucets in their bathroom design plans. And now manufacturers have stepped up to respond to consumer requests for beautiful and functional designs that meet diverse tastes and styles. What many people don’t realize is that they can expand their bathroom design plans to include touchless commodes.

Some of our favorites are the new Touchless toilets from Kohler. You simply wave your hand above a sensor in the tank top to initiate a flush. Since your hand is not physically touching the toilet handle, it’s far more hygienic. This technology is great for another reason – it eases accessibility for young children, the elderly or anyone with mobility issues.

Kohler's San Souci Comfort height touchless toilet with AquaPiston flushing technology

Kohler’s San Souci™Comfort Height® one-piece compact elongated 1.28 gpf touchless toilet with AquaPiston® flushing technology for a more contemporary decor.

Best of all, Kohler has two different versions to fit your décor. Cimarron features a classic, traditional look in either a round or elongated bowl, while San Souci features a sleek contemporary design.

What if you are planning minor bathroom renovations and don’t want the expense of replacing an existing toilet? There’s a solution for you, too! For about $100, Kohler offers a touchless toilet flush kit that allows you to retrofit many standard toilets into touchless models. It works with most canister and flapper toilets (but not dual-flush, top-mount flush, pressure-assist or ballcock valve toilets). The battery-operated kit – that Kohler says takes less than 20 minutes to install – projects a field through the top of the tank lid that senses your hand, causing the toilet to flush.

Now, if someone could only invent a product that completely cleans your bathroom without you ever having to touch it, we’ll be all set!