Project Description

This family had two bathrooms that needed to be remodeled: a hall bathroom and a master bath. In this case, the homeowner had completed some of the work himself several years ago, and then realized that leaks resulting from the non-professional installation were causing some issues. We came in to correct the issues in the hall bathroom and tackle the master bathroom remodel of a space that dated back to the early 1990’s.

Palmer’s Project Goals and Challenges

  • We wanted to correct the water damage issues in the hall bathroom that stemmed from a leaky shower installation.
  • The master bathroom was in need of a functional and aesthetic makeover, with shiny black cabinets and a layout that dated back to the early 1990’s.


  • To allow the homeowners to remain in their home, we tackled one bathroom project at a time.
  • We began in the hall bathroom, which the homeowner redid himself several years ago. He was aware that the shower was leaking, but was unaware of the extent of the damage. The leak in the shower had rotted out the subfloor, so we had to remove the shower as well as the tile floor. Unfortunately the original tile could not be matched, so it all had to be replaced. The commode and the cabinetry had to come out and be reinstalled after the new floor was installed.
  • Once the hall bathroom was completed, we tackled the master bathroom. Originally designed in the 1990’s for a previous homeowner who was confined to a wheelchair, the bathroom with its shiny black cabinets was outdated.
  • We began by eliminating an unused garden tub and using the space to create a graciously sized walk-in shower with new a faucet and showerhead.
  • We relocated the commode and removed the bidet from the main, open space. We created a half wall to provide privacy for the commode and added built-in shelves and hooks on the other side of the wall to create useable storage space.
  • We removed the existing vanity and a shallow linen closet. In their place, we added a new vanity with beautiful and functional tower cabinets. We concealed electrical connections inside the cabinets so the homeowners now have ample space to plug in hair dryers, etc. Updated countertops and lighting complete the space.
  • This home now has two beautiful, functional bathrooms. The entire project was completed in just 12 weeks while the homeowners remained in the space.