Project Description

The ceiling of this screened porch had several major issues: incorrect materials were improperly installed by an unskilled contractor. A ceiling repair was needed to correct the mistakes that had been made before.

Palmer’s Project Goals and Challenges

This ceiling was only a-year-and-a-half old, yet it was already buckling, warping and sagging and speakers installed in it were falling down.


The contractor who installed the existing bead board ceiling used interior-grade, cabinet bead board on an area that was exposed to the elements. In addition, it was improperly installed, further aggravating an already bad situation.

To make the needed repairs, we stripped off the entire ceiling and replaced it with the correct materials that were properly installed. In addition, we insulated the ceiling, which provided much-needed soundproofing for this corner lot that was adjacent to busy traffic along Providence Road. The end result is an attractive space that the owners can now enjoy.