Checklist for doing a home remodel right from the very beginning by picking the right contractor

Have you ever carefully nurtured your lawn, aerated it, fertilized it, over seeded and lovingly watered it – only to have to tear up a large portion of it to access a broken cable or water line? No matter what the size or scale of your project, having to do something twice is the last thing most homeowners want or can afford. Unfortunately, if you don’t select the right professional remodeling contractor for your home remodeling or home repair project, that’s exactly what you may be faced with.

The reasons for having to do a home repair or home remodeling project twice are as varied as each individual project. It might be due to poor workmanship, using the wrong product, installing the correct product improperly, or misdiagnosing a situation. How can you avoid getting caught in one of these traps? Do your homework; don’t just go with the low bid or a name you’ve heard of. Opt for a qualified professional remodeler with a depth of experience in your type of project and a breadth of industry knowledge. A professional remodeler who has seen similar issues in the past is more apt to get it right the first time.

We recently assisted a client who had been told by major exterminating company that he needed $15,000 worth of crawl space encapsulation to solve a water issue, which just wasn’t true.  This company misdiagnosed the problem, which meant that this homeowner would have paid $15,000 and still had the same moisture issue.  Fortunately, he sought a second opinion from us. We were able to diagnose and solve the underlying water problem. As a result, they were able to correctly address the issue, re-carpet their entire house and take care of other needed maintenance items for less than they would have spent to make the wrong repair.  The other maintenance issue was in their attic, where two prior contractors had improperly repaired dormers.  Hence, they had to invest in a third repair.  Now the repair is properly done and will last for 20 years or more.

Sometimes, it’s simply a case of using the right product in the wrong way – an issue that’s all too common for homeowners who use inexperienced contractors or tradesmen.  For example, manufacturers offer  “Flashing Pan” kits for windows and doors.  Without the installation of a flashing pan, water seeps into the wall, making future rot inevitable.  Since the damage is hidden in the wall, it’s often not noticed until it has caused significant rot to band sills and subfloor framing – by which time repairs can be quite costly. Likewise, if these kits are not installed properly, it exacerbates the issue, and manufacturers like Anderson and Pella actually void their warranties in these cases.  We at Palmer Custom Builders are so familiar with the proper installation of flashing that we actually make a custom kit for our clients. It’s less costly than the name brands and provides great protection for our clients’ investment. It’s details like these that make a huge difference in the quality of a project and in whether you’ll be enjoying your investment for years to come – or spending even more money to make it right the second time around.